In Home Care at Brewster - How to Keep Your Independence

How It Works

Membership benefits which will keep you independent in your
own home.

The top priority of your Wellness Support Coordinator is to gain an understanding of your
lifestyle and wellness goals. Together, you’ll develop an ongoing plan to reach your goals and
achieve your maximum level of wellness.

At the beginning of your membership (and each year thereafter), your Wellness Support
Coordinator will perform an In-Home Function and Safety Assessment to evaluate home safety
and make recommendations for adaptations to your home. You and your loved ones will choose
what you feel is appropriate and comfortable for your home environment.

At each Live Well membership anniversary, you’ll meet with your Wellness Support Coordinator
for an annual health review. During this appointment we’ll review any past year health events,
annual physical findings and lab work results ordered by your primary care physician. Your plan will be amended as needed to maintain wellness and to incorporate any upcoming medical tests, procedures or surgeries. Throughout your life, and as your health needs change, your plan will be adjusted accordingly.

Your Wellness Support Coordinator will monitor all aspects of any care you’re receiving, and can assist in communicating with your physician and advocating for your needs. Additionally, your Wellness Support Coordinator will coordinate membership benefits with Medicare, medicalinsurance and any long-term care insurance you may have.

What is a Wellness Support Coordinator?

When you become a member of Live Well at Home you immediately begin a close and meaningful relationship with your Wellness Support Coordinator. This professional takes the time to get to know your preferences and develops with you a plan of care and wellness designed to maintain your healthy, independent lifestyle.

What does that look like?

Perhaps you have been putting off some surgery recommended by your doctor because you
didn’t have someone to care for you afterward. Your Wellness Support Coordinator will arrange all the care you need and will act as a liaison with your doctors and the hospital/clinic both before and following the surgery, making sure all the details are taken care of and allowing you to focus on your health and recovery. This is just one simple example of many things your Wellness Support Coordinator can assist you with at a time when you need help most.

Your Wellness Support Coordinator is available to you 24/7.