Employee Portal

Welcome to your Portal!

It’s no surprise that our greatest asset at Brewster Place isn’t equipment, or new technology, or even knowledge. It’s people. Brewster people. Because without you, we can’t fulfill our mission.

So, welcome to the new Brewster Employee Portal. We’ve added a new section called Make Brewster Better! Life is a journey, with opportunities every day to improve ourselves and the world around us, whether it’s fixing something that’s broken, improving on a process, or introducing a whole new way of thinking. We welcome with open arms your thoughts and ideas, whether you choose to share your name or remain anonymous.

We’ve also added an Employee Calendar, so you can see what’s going on all over Brewster today, and what’s coming up tomorrow. We hope you’ll check it out.

Thank you for stopping in to visit your new Brewster Employee Portal, and have a blessed day!